01. She made a delicious cake that had chocolate ice cream on one [layer], and vanilla ice cream on another.
02. After the volcano erupted, all the houses in the town below were covered with a [layer] of ash.
03. The streets were covered in a fresh [layer] of snow.
04. The destruction of the ozone [layer] is a serious environmental problem.
05. My wife made a delicious apple crisp, [layering] pieces of apples with an oatmeal and honey mixture.
06. The rescuers are digging through the remains of the buildings a [layer] at a time, looking for survivors of the earthquake.
07. The book has a whole [layer] of meaning that you may not get the first time you read it.
08. Woody Harrelson once said that a grown-up is simply a child with [layers] on.
09. The salt contained in all of the world's oceans could cover the United States in a [layer] two kilometers thick.
10. Papua New Guinea is home to several types of kangaroos that live in the top [layers] of trees.
11. Seals and whales keep warm in the icy polar water thanks to a [layer] of fat under their skin.
12. The top [layer] of trees is home to most of the animals and insects that live in the rainforest.
13. The popular Greek dish moussaka consists of [layers] of seasoned ground lamb and eggplant, and is usually topped with a custard or cheese sauce, and baked.
14. The Japanese dish "okonomiyaki" consists of grilled vegetables, noodles, and meat or seafood, placed between two [layers] of fried batter.
15. First-degree burns involve only the outer [layer] of skin.
16. Wearing [layers] of clothing will help you to keep warm in extreme cold conditions.
17. There was a [layer] of smog over the city that blocked the view of the mountains.
18. When polar bears swim, a [layer] of fat and thick fur keeps them warm in the icy waters.
19. In 1985, British scientists discovered that a hole in the ozone [layer] develops over Antarctica each winter.
20. The top of the cake is covered with whipped cream [layered] with strawberries.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

, , / (as of bricks) / (laid in the ground for propagation)

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